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My name is Christopher Lineham and welcome to my site!

Health and fitness has been a lifelong passion for me, ever since I started 20 years ago. I have learnt from several different sources of knowledge from courses, to picking up my own general knowledge from seminars, mentors and coaches.

I started my fitness journey back in 2004 when I had completed A level physical education and moved on to a diploma in sports coaching. At this point I had started working in gyms as a Fitness coach working with the general public. Working my way up to Personal Training.

Along with this I obtained Nutrition level 3,advanced kettlebell training and circuits. In the health and fitness world the learning never stops and looking at the all round lifestyle of the client is very important.

I’m a keen long distance runner but have also competed in bodybuilding and powerlifting.

We will cover

“We Look At The Whole Painting, Not Just The Cover”

Exercise routines

Nutritional advice


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My areas of development include:

weight loss/fat loss

muscle and strength building

General cardio fitness from beginner to advanced levels