My Services

1 2 1 fitness instructor cheltenham


Face to face gym training
Tailored exercise plans to your goals
Nutritional advice
24 hour support

virtual online coaching training


1 hour one to one coaching
Sessions over Zoom or Facetime
Tailored exercise programs and nutritional advice
Equipment necessary


12 week program
Tailored training and nutrition plan
Weekly check ins via Whatsapp
24 hour support


One to One training session outdoors in a park or field.
Training plans available
Ideal for summer or spring time training.


Face to Face coaching at your home
Weights equipment provided
Tailored workout and nutrition available
Ideal for busy individuals or people who can not get child care to get to the gym.

Personal Food plans

Tailored exercise plans
Personalised nutritional advice
Individual nutrition plans

What I Offer

I offer one to one personal fitness sessions with a structured fitness and nutritional program that is tailored to your own personal health goals.

Whether your goal is-

Weight loss/Fat loss

Muscle gain

Strength gain

To be pain free/better quality of life

I can help you achieve these in a much quicker and effective way. Passing on the knowledge from the fitness industry to the clients I work with also helps them when it comes to exercising on their own.

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What do you get?

In person one to one sessions include:

One to one coaching

Your own tailored plans

Nutrition advice

I'm available thought out the week for any questions

Virtual one to one sessions include:

One to one coaching

Nutrition advice

Tailored fitness plan

24 hour help with any questions Ideal for busy lives

One to one home workouts:

One to one coaching

Tailored home workout plans

Nutrition advice

Ideal for busy people or stuck at home with young children.

Online training package:

Tailored fitness programs for fat loss or muscle gain

Tailored nutritional programs

Weekly check ins

Monthly progress zoom meeting