A review on the benefits of a health fitness trainer Chris Lineham in Cheltenham

A review on the benefits of a health fitness trainer Chris Lineham in Cheltenham

The review of Fitness Health Coach Chris Lineham in the words of one of his clients:

“Turning the clock back… I’m not a fitness nut but I have been training consistently with Chris twice a week for the past 12 years. I do this because I want to feel ten years younger, be strong and healthy and pain free. I believe that this is definitely something we should all be doing. I figured that I eventually wouldn’t be able to keep it up exercising by myself so made a decision to have two appointments every week with a personal trainer.

I then got very lucky because the first personal trainer I met was Chris. Training with him is part of my weekly routine. Chris is a very amiable fellow and knows exactly how to develop and balance the muscle groups and raise your general level of fitness.

He also advises on nutrition and organises tailored food plans for you. In the first 3 months I lost over 6kg (mainly belly fat) and started to look toned and fit.

He also got rid of a 10 year old hip and back problem that was quite painful through strengthening muscle groups and stretching. The sessions were tiring but not over strenuous either. All I have to do is turn up at the gym and he does the rest!

At 58 I am now able to keep up with my 11 year old boy and don’t feel old or tired. Every year we go ski racing together in the Alps.

A lot of people pay a mortgage every month to live in a house – this is clearly an investment. The most important “house” you live in is your body and this will fail you if you don’t stop it in its tracks from deteriorating with age. I look at this as a vital investment in myself and ultimately for my family.

I have recommended friends to Chris over the years and they are all still training regularly with him.
James Kenwright
Managing Director
JK Helicopter Training ltd.”

If you too want to increase your fitness and wellbeing- as well as maybe losing some weight then please contact Chris on 07735 524608​ or fill the form at:

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